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Happy Home Owners

It's not made of wood or bricks. No, it's built out of trust, respect, and loyalty. It's a personal relationship that stands the test of time. Which is why these letters, and dozens of others like them mean so much to us. They tell us we've kept our promise and lived up to some very high expectations. Even more important, they tell us we've helped fulfill a dream.

Durham, NC

We have friends who want to talk to you about building their house. Everyone who has been in the house from the first digging to completion has been very impressed. Thank you for making our dream house a reality. You are wonderful people to work with.

Southport, NC

We have enjoyed our whole experience with Schumacher. You have great, great people working with you. They all take pride in giving homeowners what they deserve, an exceptional product with exceptional service. We will certainly be referring Schumacher to everyone who is looking for a new home. We thank you so much.

Lexington, SC

I just wanted to take a few minutes to compliment you on the quality of the employees in your organization. My daughter sells for one of your competitors and when I called her and asked her what builder in Ohio has the best quality reputation, it took her all of two seconds to say Schumacher Homes, without a doubt

Greenville, SC

You really have a cracker-jack team and they are the most pleasant, knowledgeable, courteous, and professional group of people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.